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Need More Shoulder turn? A Seated Lat turn may be a good solution!

If you’ve noticed that you have limited Arm Mobility and Shoulder turn, you may be able to improve your golf game by adding some stretches to your Golf Fitness and training program.

Shoulder turn in the golf swing is a big deal, we need it to stay on plane and generate power. I have found that when I do an evaluation on a Golf Fitness client, lack of shoulder mobility due to lat (latissimus dorsi) tightness can be a huge issue. Read on to find out how much mobility you have in your shoulders and how to improve your shoulder motion.

First, test your shoulder mobility:

1) Sit crossed legged on the floor with your butt, back and head touching the wall,

2) Slide your arms out and up in an arcing motion while keeping your elbows and hands touching the wall.

3) If your hands or elbows are no longer on the wall stop sliding your arms upward and take note of the position.

4) You have passed the test if your arms are straight up, next to your head and touching the wall (your back, shoulders and head should be on the wall too).

If you didn’t make it all the way up, try this stretching exercise to create more flexibility in your shoulders.

1) Sit crossed legged on the ground and slide yourself against the wall, so your butt, low back, shoulders and head are touching the wall.

2) Take a golf club and hold the head of the club in your right hand, with your left hand on the end of the grip slowly push your arm upward, keeping your hand and elbow on the wall.

3) Hold arm up for 60 seconds and then slowly lower.Repeat on the other side.

4) If done correctly, you should feel a pull through your arm pit and into the shoulder joint. Be careful not to lean away from the stretch, keep your body upright throughout the movement.

Please Note - If you experience shoulder pain do not continue to raise your arm in to the painful range of motion, lower your arm until it no longer hurts. Consult your physician if you experience pain.

To see this stretch in action, check out our YouTube video on the topic: and while you are there – subscribe to the Mpower PT channel!

If you’d like to improve your golf swing, or overall golf fitness, you might want to work with us at M-power Physical Therapy! Give us a call at 612 226-5729 or schedule a session online at: You can also subscribe to the M-power Physical Therapy YouTube channel for access to more tips and tricks like these!

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