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Personal Training

Workout with your Doctor!  One of the greatest advantages of having a Licensed Physical Therapist as your trainer is our wide scope of knowledge in human anatomy and physiology, plus if you develop an ache or a pain we can treat it immediately to reduce the time you are injured.​

Weight Loss

Exercising for weight loss can be challenging due to the fact that losing weight is dependent on activity and nutrition.  We believe what makes this challenging is changing the habitual eating and activity levels that have contributed to your weight gain.  To truly make long term changes in wellness we need to set realistic expectations and rushing into a super intense training program and extreme diet may result in short term progress but eventually you will want to go back to your old eating pattern and your body will be so sore from exercising that you will no longer be motivated to workout.  Our goal is to introduce fitness from a foundational perspective, you need a good foundation of heart/lung strength and functional strength that will help to support your joints during intense periods of exercise.  The first 4-8 weeks of your weight loss program will be focused on improving your hearts response to exercise and building dynamic postural strength which will allow you to tackle harder more intense fitness sessions without sustaining an injury and less soreness following your workouts.  Once your foundation is strong we will start building the intensity of your workouts and of course discussing your nutrition along the way, making sure you are eating a balanced diet.

Improved Flexibility/ Stretching  

We believe that having normal flexibility and joint mobility is one of the cornerstones of good health.  Most non traumatic injures are the result of poor posture and or flexibility restrictions that you have developed through life.  If you want to feel good on the golf course or continue to do the activities you love throughout your life, you will need to be able to move well and be flexible.  Our flexibility sessions are generally 60 min sessions that include a flexibility/mobility evaluation at your first session at which time we will assess where your flexibility limitations are and create a plan consisting of trigger point release, active release technique, manual therapy and stretching to restore your flexibility to normal standards.  Each session is 60 min.

Strength Training 

Staying strong is the core of a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t matter if you are 83 years old and want to maintain your muscle mass or a high school athlete working on making the team.  Every person is starting from a different place when it comes to strength and I’ve found that all of my clients have a different tolerance level to exertion and post workout soreness.  If you don’t like being sore we will work with you on programs that don’t result in post workout soreness.  Our opinion is that strength should be gained slowly and deliberately focusing on developing a foundation of strength in the muscles that create control and stability.  Once we have created a strong foundation we will start working on more challenging lifts to develop muscle mass and power.

 Working out with injuries and chronic pain  

One of the greatest joys of my profession is helping people learn to exercise when they are overcoming an injury or trying to live with a painful or chronic condition like joint pain, arthritis, heart disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinsons.  Exercise is one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for almost every ailment, however most people don’t understand how to exercise safely when they are already struggling with pain and or disability.  The most common complaint I hear from new clients is that their doctor just gave them a sheet of paper with pictures and told them to start exercising.  This is a great intention with absolutely no follow through.  Gyms are busy places with hundreds of ways to get flexible and stronger, which is completely overwhelming for someone who is unsure of what to do.  Using my expertise as a Physical Therapist, I can teach and guide you in how to slowly and patiently approach exercise to get stronger and more flexible and also to feel good from doing exercises safely! 

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