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Golf Stretching

INTRODUCING THE M-Power Golf StretchFlex Program—a monthly approach for maximum benefit and maximum convenience! 


M-Power is committed to helping you gain flexibility and keep it. Flexibility is the cornerstone of an effective golf swing and a healthy body.  With the M-Power Golf StretchFlex Program, you'll play your best golf and keep your body healthy and feeling good at the same time!  

The M-Power Golf StretchFlex Program is a monthly program of targeted stretch sessions from an M-Power team member that results in improved flexibility, with the added convenience and benefit of full access to our M-Power Training Center.  All for a fixed monthly fee.  

Tightness and limited movement are the enemy and the M-Power Golf StretchFlex program is designed to help you fight against shortened and rigid muscles.  We do this with our proprietary approach to stretching and body work built on years of treating patients using manual therapy skills, as well as passively stretching targeted and inter-related muscle groups.


The M-Power Golf StretchFlex Program is a bundled, monthly stretching sessions and access to our world class training center and Trackman simulator—all for $220/month—this is a discount of $40/month!  

-Choose between four 30 minute golf stretch sessions per month or two 60 minutes golf stretch sessions per month.

-Full use our M-Power Training Center with advanced training tools, fitness equipment and sophisticated Trackman simulator to refine your swing—use before or after your stretch session!


Do you - 

-Lack consistency and rigor in your stretching approach?

-Suffer from neck, back or hip pain?

-Lose distance and accuracy on shots you previously made?

-Want to feel and look better?


-30 minute golf stretch session—full body stretching including light manual therapy to quickly get you moving and feeling better.

-60 minute golf stretch session—full body stretching with more time to utilize manual therapy and Physical Therapy techniques on problem areas to eliminate muscular and joint rigidity.

-Use and access of the M-Power Training Center and Trackman Golf Simulator before or after stretch session

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