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Physical Therapy

At M-Power Physical Therapy, our goal is to eliminate your injury and keep you in the game of life!


Our first step toward helping you heal is listening to your story and evaluating your injury and discovering what your goals are.


One of the key steps to learning about why you are in pain is looking at your posture, joint mobility, muscle and connective tissue flexibility, joint level strength, functional body control and palpating the regions around your injury to asses damage to your tissue.  Not only do we need to diagnose your primary problem but it is also important for us to look at secondary “weak links” that could be contributing to your injury.  Many times patients have weak links in other areas of the body that are contributing to your main injury and may be keeping you from getting a full recovery.


While in the clinic we may use: 

  • manual therapy 

  • ultrasound with electrical stimulation 

  • electrical stimulation with hot or cold therapy

  • laser therapy

  • taping techniques

  • cupping

  • trigger point therapy

  • myofascial release

  • deep tissue work

  • graston

  • vibration therapy

  • stretching

  • joint mobilizations

  • iontophoresis

  • massage

  • craniosacral work

  • active release technique

  • static and dynamic postural restoration exercise and corrective exercise.   

Treatment Program 

Our mission is to use all of the information we gathered during the evaluation to attack the primary and secondary weak links to reduce inflammation, restore normal joint mobility and muscular/connective tissue flexibility and improve functional body control to eliminate postural and movement imbalances that are contributing to your pain or injury.  We will create a custom program suitable only for you.  

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