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Addressing Wrist Pain in your Golf Swing

Golfers of all skill levels around the Twin Cities are gearing up for a busy Spring Golf Season already! At MPower Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you get ready through golf fitness tips and exercises as well as treat any pain you experience once the season begins!

There is nothing worse than feeling a shot of wrist pain right before you hit a golf ball. Wrist pain will lead to all sorts of ball flight issues, but most importantly, it will make your golf game unbearable to play. Lack of wrist mobility is the leading precursor to eventually developing pain in a golf swing or other activity involving the wrist. What makes matters even worse is that all of the electronic devices we use from computers to phones, lead to a loss of wrist and hand flexibility. So it’s time to prevent the pain and employ some stretching exercises as part of your overall golf training program.

To increase your wrist flexibility, here are two simple stretching exercises you can do any time and any place to prevent wrist pain when you hit the links.

First up – a basic static stretch that’s best before practice and the next round of golf you play. This exercise is great for improving wrist flexibility. Remember, you shouldn’t feel pain when you do this stretch – you should just feel a stretch in the top part of the forearm.


1) Hold your right arm straight with your palm up

2) Take your left hand and grasp your fingers of your right hand

3) pull them down toward the ground. Stop when you feel tightness in your forearm, hold for 1 min.

4) Remember, if you are feeling pain, you will want to back off on the stretch.

Next – a dynamic Mobility exercise. This is a great exercise for improving upper body strength and the flexibility of your elbows and wrists.


1) Press your palms together in front of your chest make sure all of your finger tips are touching their mate from the opposing hand.

2) Slowly rotate your finger tips toward your chest, then away from your chest.

3) You should be pressing your palms and fingers together the entire time. Stop rotating when the heels of your hand start to separate or if you have wrist pain.

4) Repeat for 30-60 seconds and go slowly.

To see a demonstration of both of these stretches, check out the video on our YouTube channel And whiel you are there – hit the “subscribe” button!

If you’d like to improve your golf swing, or overall golf fitness, you might want to work with us at M-power Physical Therapy! Give us a call at 612 226-5729 or schedule a session online at: You can also subscribe to the M-power Physical Therapy YouTube channel for access to more tips and tricks like these!

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