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High Performance and Junior Golf Fitness Programs

It’s clear to see that fitness is a key component of professional golf and high-performance junior golfers
around the world are focusing on fitness as part of their golf development. M-Power has been
specializing in program design for high performance golf fitness programs to golfers aged 9-22 helping to
manage flexibility and strength in golfers as they develop for the last 20 years. Our athletes have been
recruited by Division 1-3 golf programs, played tour golf across the planet and have also coached at the
highest levels of the game. M-Power’s trainers all have medical degrees and have been trained by TPI
(Titleist Performance Institute). Our goal is for each participant to be physically ready for taking their
game to their highest potential.

M-Power’s program design is focused on developing four key concepts:

Flexibility is the foundation of your swing, without it is impossible to swing the club
properly. Poor flexibility and improper mobility can lead to game ending injuries and loss of
power in your swing. We evaluate all of our golfers to diagnose areas that need work to
increase flexibility and mobility.



The first stage is focused on using our program design to isolate flexibility restrictions that are
directly impacting your golf game. M-Power programming focuses on teaching safety with
lifting and working out in the gym setting, safe technique with lifting is priority number 1.


The second stage builds off stage 1 and further develops functional golf training programs for
golf, focusing on stability and body control mixed with some speed and power work. We also
work with our athletes on how to create healthy nutrition programs for golf and personal
wellness goals.


The third stage is maintenance, where we work on keeping your golfer in great golf shape while
playing a heavy tournament schedule.

Get Started Today

It's no secret that the most effective way to improve physically is consistency and repetition in the gym. As a way to offer more opportunity to families we offer group golf fitness classes for our high performance golfers 3-4 days per week. If your looking for more individualized service we also have private training sessions available for our high performance golfers. Call today to set up a consultation to see how we can help support your game.

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