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Golf Fitness

It’s clear to see that competitive tournament golfers, serious club players and recreational weekend players alike can benefit from the fitness revolution underway in the golf segment. Play better, feel better and have more fun by optimizing your body for the game.  Simply put, your body is the most important club in your bag.


The MPower Method starts with our proprietary FASA Score (Flexibility and Strength Assessment) which is the foundation for creating a customized approach to stretching and fitness.


Our process starts with determining your FASA Score (Flexibility and Strength Assessment).  This one hour evaluation assesses key physical performance indicators from you that allow us to understand how your body functionally responds to fundamental swing mechanics.  We also use an advanced golf simulator to capture and analyze all key swing metrics. The result of this process is a summary of your physical strengths and weaknesses that help us diagnose pain points and potential limitations to your swing.  This analysis is your personalized FASA Score—the foundation of your unique performance improvement plan.  You will retain your FASA Score sheet for future assessment and to track improvement.  Perhaps more importantly, you’ve taken the first step to feel, look and play better.  The process is fun and enlightening! 

Training Program

Once your FASA Score is established, we employ the MPower Method to create a totally customized program for you.  This will be a blend of stretching, manual therapy, balance training, coordination and strength training that you will work on at the MPower training center and your own home gym.  We focus on both what to do and how often to do it.  And great news, this program benefits your body and mind in general—not just for golf.  Put the MPower Method, MPower Facility and MPower People to work for you! 

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