Golf Fitness

Want to have the opportunity to train like the pros?  Maybe it’s time to think of your body as your most important club in your bag….  In the modern era of golf, every serious golfer focuses on making sure their body is optimized for their game.  M-Power is all about setting up your body for creating your perfect golf swing.  


Our speciality is physically evaluating your body for flexibility, balance and strength problems that could be holding you back.  We have an evaluation process that has been fined tuned with 20 years of experience working with junior golfer, ametuer golfers, college golfers and professionals.


Following your evaluation you will receive a “golf fit score” and a report detailing the areas you need to work on most.  Once you’ve scored all greens on your eval we can start supercharging you to drive the ball further and feel better on the course.  

Golf Training

Our unique brand of golf training focuses on flexibility as the foundation of your physical game.  If you cannot move properly it is impossible to swing your best and you are exposing yourself to injuries that can keep you off the course.  Once you’ve gotten all greens for mobility it’s time to work on balance and functional strength to learn to control your body through the movement patterns you use when you play the game.  Getting greens in strength and balance takes time and commitment, but it’s totally worth it when you get to see the results on the course.  Feels pretty good to drive the ball further when your 70 than when you were 60 or to out drive your high school or college teammates!  Plus, after playing 36 you’ll walk off the course like it’s no big deal!! 

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